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and make your political advocacy campaigns unstoppable with our data-driven and community-focused tools


The most innovative way to advocate for policy.


Smarter Policy Tracking

We use machine learning to help you track policies, predict policy outcomes, and measure the potential impact on the communities you serve at the Federal, State, and local levels of government.


Savvy Member Engagement

We help you manage the stakeholders of your organization more effectively with our industry leading engagement toolkit.


Enhanced Community Activation

White-label our award winning mobile application and help the communities you serve become educated on policy, provide video testimonials, and engage with their elected officials.


Some of our press and features.


Get Involved

Civic engagement is all about, well, being engaged; it’s being aware of what your elected leaders are up to and holding them accountable; it’s going out and voting in the presidential election AND in your local city council race. It’s making sure your voice is heard and advocating for those that don’t have one.

Get involved with Civic Eagle, and help us positively impact civic engagement through the power of technology and innovation.


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