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Discover Your Voice. Be Heard.

Our story.


At Civic Eagle, our team is on a mission to use technology to promote better democratic outcomes for people and their communities.

It starts with providing better access to information about the policies that impact us. Unfortunately, it’s currently challenging to gain clear understanding on legislation and proposed laws.

We believe that by making information about policies more accessible and transparent, we can start to make changes to the way that communities advocate for themselves. We envision a world where people are heard and communities are genuinely served. And we believe that we have the unique opportunity to use today’s advancements in technology to make this a reality. We want you to be heard.

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Our belief

Everyone deserves an educated point of view on democracy.

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Our values

First and foremost, our company is dedicated to our users. We take a user-centric approach to building our products, and we are proud of our connection to our customers who use our product to do the important work they do everyday.

We value trust and transparency. We want to cut the dishonesty and mistrust out of politics, and we believe that democracy can only function when information is accessible and honest.

Speaking of honesty, let’s keep it real. What we’re building at Civic Eagle is pretty darn bold. Our vision is audacious and we’re passionate about taking on this challenge. We’re passionate about innovation, good design, and making a difference.

We value brilliance and curiosity. Because what is all this cool tech stuff about if we can’t make the world a better place?

Our management team

A team comprised of over 22 years of professional experience in governmental affairs, lobbying, and policy analysis; brilliant technologists and data scientists; an award-winning designer; and savvy serial entrepreneurs.

We are leaders, thinkers, innovators, public policy junkies, and technologists. We are also constituents, neighbors, advocates, disruptors, and we want our voices heard.

Damola Ogundipe  CEO & Co-founder

Damola Ogundipe

CEO & Co-founder

Yemi Adewunmi  Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Yemi Adewunmi

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Shawntera Hardy  Head of Strategy & Co-founder

Shawntera Hardy

Head of Strategy & Co-founder

Jesse Mortenson  CTO

Jesse Mortenson


Ken Thompson  Lead Engineer & Co-founder

Ken Thompson

Lead Engineer & Co-founder