New Polls! Plus a Look Inside a Surprising Campaign

After far too long of a break, we at Civic Eagle are back! Friday was a big day in the world of Presidential politics, so let’s get right to it. 

1) In the first of two polls published on Friday, Donald Trump grew his lead over the rest of the Republican field. Only time will tell if Trump lead holds, and he has many doubters, but the fact remains that every day he remains in the lead we take one more step towards President Trump. 

“Donald Trump is the top choice of more than one out of every three Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters, according to the results of a new CNN/ORC poll released Friday. And it's not even close — at 36 percent, Trump's closest competitor for the GOP presidential nomination is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, at 16 percent.

Ben Carson, who finished second in the October CNN/ORC poll, fell to third this time with 14 percent. Following the retired neurosurgeon, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio earned 12 percent, with no other candidate finishing in the double digits.” - Politico 

2) Meanwhile, on the other side of the isle, Hillary Clinton keeps on trucking. She has opened up a huge lead over her two rivals.  While the Democratic race won’t be as tight as its Republican counterpart, it will be worth noting how Clinton conducts her campaign to best position herself against the many moving candidates on the right. 

“In a Democratic field that has winnowed to just three candidates, Hillary Clinton has regained a dominant lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, topping him by a 28-point margin, her widest in CNN/ORC polling since July. Clinton leads Sanders 58% to 30%, with former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley registering just 2%, according to a CNN/ORC Poll released Friday.” - CNN

3) Finally, we [explore the reasons] for Dr. Ben Carson’s unexpectedly solid and sustained run of support in the GOP primary. There certainly seems to be a lot of uncertainty and fear over the unknown. 

“‘I’m afraid,’ Toni began, sitting on her front porch in Montrose. ‘I’m really and truly afraid.’ The rise of Carson toward the top of the polls in the Republican presidential primary race has baffled many political pundits, liberals and some within the GOP establishment, who find his positions short on details, and certain assertions — that the biblical figure Joseph built the Egyptian pyramids to store grain, that the Chinese are operating in Syria — out of touch with reality. But to see Carson from Mike and Toni Ledet’s front porch, the reverse is true: To them, Carson is the only candidate who fully grasps what they see as the one reality that matters most — that America has fallen away from God. And while other Republican contenders express some version of that sentiment, Toni says it is Carson who seems both the closest to God and the furthest from Obama, who troubles her deeply.” - Washington Post