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Qualifying Courage

The problem came, however, when people changed the conversation from “why someone else is more deserving of a particular award” to “why Caitlyn Jenner is NOT deserving of the award at all.” Saying all Caitlyn did was “just” come out to the world as a transgender woman completely misses the mark... Questioning how well Caitlyn’s accomplishments apply to the Arthur Ashe Award is fine, attacking and belittling her in the process is not.

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Walking the Thin Line

This past Sunday was the second Boston Marathon after The Boston Marathon. That Marathon, of course, was the one that will be marked by the memory of those who lost their lives, the courage of those who responded first and the resilience of those who were injured. As our country moves further away from the events of that day, it is important that we continue to discuss what happened, not only to honor those who were most affected, but also to answer important questions that were raised during those five days in April, 2013.

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The Academy Awards Brings the Noise

It is easy to be cynical about the Academy Awards, thinking it’s all about vanity or it is does not include women or minorities, but moments like these prove the are still those who demand to be heard. Please follow their lead.

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