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And So It Begins: 2016 Presidential Elections

The 45th President of the United States will be elected on November 8, 2016. That is roughly 570 days from now, but it seems as though the long and winding march to that day has officially begun. On Sunday, Hillary Clinton – former First Lady, Secretary of State, and Senator from New York – officially announced her candidacy. Clinton is the first high-profile Democrat to enter the race and joins three Republicans who have taken the plunge: Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

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When it comes to one of the most important metrics of a democracy, voter turnout, the United States ranks 112 out of these 167 democracies in the world and that simply has to change. Examining the policies and principles of these other 166 democratic countries can in fact help shine light on our own deficiencies and give us new ideas on how we can increase civic participation at all levels of government. 


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