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Hillary's Circle, Donald's Trends, Jeb's Numbers & the GOP's Turmoil

Today, we at Civic Eagle are publishing a first in an ongoing series of articles dedicated to the Presidential campaign and events surrounding it.  Instead of our traditional blog posts, we will be posting a few graphs, tweets and/or links that get you up to speed quickly.  Some of the articles we link to will be longer reads, but we will try and include highlights from the pieces that get the main point so you can stay on the go. 

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Qualifying Courage

The problem came, however, when people changed the conversation from “why someone else is more deserving of a particular award” to “why Caitlyn Jenner is NOT deserving of the award at all.” Saying all Caitlyn did was “just” come out to the world as a transgender woman completely misses the mark... Questioning how well Caitlyn’s accomplishments apply to the Arthur Ashe Award is fine, attacking and belittling her in the process is not.

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